Transportation Business

Railway Business

Kintetsu Group Holdings operates several railways, including Kintetsu Railway, which runs on a total track length of approximately 500 km. Covering six prefectures in the Kinki and Tokai regions, we offer interurban, sightseeing and regional transportation services for commuters, tourists and other passengers. We constantly strive to meet customers’ various needs by improving our operation safety level, expanding barrier-free facilities, and promoting the IC ticketing system, to provide safe and comfortable transportation services.

Bus and Taxi Business

We manage bus and taxi companies in the Kinki, Tokai, Hokuriku, Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu regions. Our bus companies run long-distance buses bound for various parts of Japan, sightseeing buses, and fixed-route buses for local residents. With dedicated taxi stands installed at stations, hotels and hospitals, our taxi companies offer services that satisfy customers’ needs.

Freight Transport

We have established a logistics and delivery system, comprising trucking and other freight transport businesses.

Marine Transportation Business

In the field of marine transportation, we run Kokudo Kyushi Ferry, the shortest route linking Shikoku and Kyushu. In the Ise-Shima area, we operate leisure boats that navigate Toba Bay, the sailing leisure boat Esperanza cruising in Ago Bay, and liners linking Kashikojima and Sakishima Peninsula as well as Hamajima.

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