International Logistics Business

International Logistics

[International Air Freight]

Air freight is a type of cargo transport service using aircraft, which enables us to speedily transport high value-added products, freight that needs to be delivered urgently, and the like. The main categories of cargo we handle are value-added products, such as semiconductors, mobile terminals and other electronics products, luxury brand items, automotive components, and medical equipment. Leveraging our company's network, we provide cross-border, multimodal transport services that encompass not only transport between airports, but also various processes from the collection of goods in the departure country to delivery in the destination country.

[International Sea Freight]

Sea freight is a type of cargo transport service using ships. Making use of container vessels, bulk carriers, etc. we transport a wide range of items of all sizes, including raw materials, industrial products, household goods, and plant equipment. As with our international air freight service, we offer multimodal transport services for international sea freight, which include dealing with customs clearance procedures on behalf of our customers in both importing and exporting countries.


We primarily offer third-party logistics (3PL) services tailored to each customer's logistics needs. With our warehouses playing a pivotal role, besides transport and distribution, our logistics services also include distribution processing, such as inventory management, packing, inspection, and labeling. We provide logistics solution services to deliver your required amount of cargo where and when you need it.

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