Real Estate Business

Real Estate

[Real Estate Sales Business]

With knowledge been passed on for generations, along with novel ideas, we aim to build quality housing with safety guaranteed. We put our energies into quality as well as appearance; some of our condominiums have received Good Design Awards for their stylish designs. Furthermore, we offer new homes that are friendly to family members and the environment by, for example, adopting advanced facilities for energy creation and saving.

[Real Estate Leasing Business]

We manage the terminal buildings of Osaka-Abenobashi, Kintetsu-Nagoya, Kintetsu-Nara and Kintetsu-Yokkaichi Stations as well as industrial buildings in front of stations along Kintetsu Railway lines, striving to develop prosperous towns with the railway station as the focal point. In addition, we operate rental apartments for families, and singles each tailored to the residents' respective needs.

[Renovation Business]

With the theme "Healthy, comfortable, safe and eco-friendly," we propose renovation plans for housing mainly in areas along Kintetsu Railway lines. Based on our accumulated experience and track record, we realize comfortable spaces, using an abundance of natural materials and incorporating universal and eco-friendly designs.

[Megasolar Business]

We have undertaken the megasolar business to help promote widespread use of renewable energies and the revitalization of local communities.

[Agricultural Business]

On our unused land, we have built plastic greenhouses as well as plant factories illuminated only by artificial lighting, delivering safe and reliable vegetables to customers.

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