Hotel and Leisure Business

Hotel and Ryokan Business

[Hotel Business]

We operate the hotel chain Miyako Hotels & Resorts in Japan and overseas. Attractive services are provided at a total of 23 facilities ranging from urban city hotels to first-class resort hotels, all of which enhance the brand power of “Miyako Hotels & Resorts.”

[Ryokan Business]

We run elegant ryokan (Japanese-style inns) that offer guests the highest hospitality, allowing them to enjoy the seasonal beauty of Japan in a quiet ambience.

Leisure Business

Kintetsu Group Holdings manages an integrated resort facility, whose centerpiece is Shima Spain Village/PARQUE ESPAÑA, a theme park full of Spanish charm with various attractions and shows. The resort facility also includes Hotel Shima Spain Mura and the Ise-Shima Natural Hot Spring “Himawari-no-yu.” Among other our leisure facilities are the KAIYUKAN, one of the world's largest aquariums; NIFREL, an interactive "aquazoo"; Ikoma Sanjo Amusement Park, with a history of more than 90 years and located at the top of Mt. Ikoma. These locations serve as popular spots along Kintetsu Railway lines.

Tourism Business

We organize tours emphasizing tourists' safety and peace of mind, on the theme "providing memorable experiences and encounters for people around the globe." We propose truly enjoyable travel plans to make customers feel inspired and full of smiles spending a fantastic time.
We help customers of any age, young and old alike, to achieve self-actualization and build a circle of friends through travels. We are committed to offering attractive tourist services that can create repeat customers.

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