Our Business

To quickly respond to changes in the business environment and achieve further growth, under the name “Kintetsu Group Holdings Co.,Ltd.” our group companies will go all-out to satisfy all of our customers, in transportation, real estate, merchandise sales, hotel and leisure and other various businesses relating to people’s everyday life. At the same time, all group companies will work in synergy to display the collective strength of the entire Kintetsu Group.
We will continue our sincere efforts to support and enrich our customers’ daily life by providing them with new delights and prosperity, thereby contributing to society’s development.

Transportation Business
In addition to our railway services, including Kintetsu Railway with the longest total track length among private railways in Japan, we offer bus, taxi, distribution, marine transportation, and air cargo transportation services.
Real Estate Business
We are engaged in selling and leasing real estate in the Kinki and Tokai regions as well as in the metropolitan Tokyo area. We have also megasolar and agricultural businesses.
Merchandise Sales Business
Our retail businesses are in various forms, such as department stores, supermarkets and stores inside station premises. We support an enriching life by catering to customers’ diverse needs.
Hotel and Leisure Business
We pursue diversified businesses, including the management of hotels and ryokan (Japanese-style inns), tourism, and theme park and movie theater operation, to bring relaxation and healing to our customers.
Other Businesses
We offer a wide variety of businesses, including railway vehicle production, cable television business, and nursing services, meeting our customers' changing needs.
Group Companies
Introduction to Kintetsu Group companies

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